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CANOPIE-HPC 2020 Workshop Program

November 12, 2020

all times in EASTERN TIME (UTC–5)

Time Title
10:00 am Welcome/Intro
10:15 am Phil Estes, Keynote: “Wandering the Supercomputing Highway: At the Crossroads of Containers and HPC“
11:30 am break
11:45 pm Session I
11:45 am Garegin Grigoryan, Minseok Kwon, M. Mustafa Rafique, “Extending the control plane of container orchestrators for I/O virtualization”
12:10 pm Jayjeet Chakraborty, Carlos Maltzahn, Ivo Jimenez, “Enabling seamless execution of computational and data science workflows on HPC and cloud with the Popper container-native automation engine”
12:35 pm R. Shane Canon, “The role of containers in reproducibility”
1:00 pm Session 1 Q&A and discussion
1:30 pm break/lunch (2:00–2:30 is SC Workshops common break)
2:30 pm Session II
2:30 pm Wael R. Elwasif, Ross Whitfield, Jin Myung Park, Mark Cianciosa, “Containers for massive ensemble of I/O bound hierarchical coupled simulations”
2:55 pm Joshua Hursey, “Design considerations for building and running containerized MPI Applications”
3:20 pm Massimiliano Culpo, Gregory Becker, Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez, Kenneth Hoste, Todd Gamblin, “archspec: A library for detecting, labeling and reasoning about microarchitectures”
3:45 pm Session 2 Q&A and discussion
4:15 pm break
4:30 pm Lightning talks
4:30 pm Carlos Eduardo Arango, “We adopted containers, now what? A view into the next milestone for containers in HPC“
4:35 pm Maxim Belkim,”Adapting Shifter to user needs on Blue Waters“
4:40 pm Quincy Wofford, “Using container image layers to build portable and configurable HPC software stacks“
4:45 pm Lightning Talks Q&A
4:50 pm Panel Discussion
What are the impediments to making container-based workflows the default deployment model for HPC?
6:00 pm Wrap-up

Proceedings from CANOPIE-HPC SC20