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CANOPIE-HPC 2021 Workshop Program

Sunday, November 14th, 2021 9am – 5:30pm CST

** Note all times list CENTRAL TIME (UTC–6) **

Time Title
9:00 am Welcome/Introduction
9:10 am Aldo Culquicondor – Invited Speaker: “Enabling HPC on k8s and the Cloud”
Description: Kubernetes is a well established platform for easily and efficiently running serving workloads in clusters on prem and the cloud. With its increasing popularity, users have started porting batch and HPC workloads onto Kubernetes, encountering some challenges. In this talk I will discuss the recent improvements we have done to the Job API to enable more batch and HPC workloads to run on Kubernetes and our collaboration with Kubeflow to enable MPI workloads at scale.
Bio: Aldo is a Software Developer at Google Kubernetes Engine. He is a top contributor to the Kubernetes project, focusing primarily on kube-scheduler and the Job controller. He recently became a TL for Kubernetes SIG Scheduling.
10:00 am SC21 scheduled Morning Coffee Break
10:30 am Momme Allalen, David Brayford, John Brennan, Kenneth Hanley, Luigi Iapichino, Niall Moran, Lee James O’Riordan, “Deploying Containerized QuantEX Quantum Simulation Software on HPC Systems“
11:00 am Claudia Misale, Maurizio Drocco, Daniel Milroy, Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez, Stephen Herbein, Dong Ahn, Yoonho Park, “It’s a Scheduling Affair: GROMACS in the Cloud with the KubeFlux Scheduler“
11:30 am Lightning Talks
Liliane Neves de Oliveira Kunstmann, “ProvDeploy: A containerized provenance service towards reproducibility in DL workflows”
Abdulrahman Azab, “Analyzing Unikernel Support for HPC: Experimental Study of OpenMP”
Quincy Wofford, “Provenance or Portability (Can we have both?)”
11:50 pm Jeremy Fischer, Mike Low, David Hancock, “Jetstream 2.0”
12:30 pm SC21 scheduled Lunch Break
2:00 pm Yan-Tyng (Sherry) Chang, Steve Heistand, Robert Hood, Henry Jin, “Feasibility of Running Singularity Containers with Hybrid MPI on NASA High-End Computing Resources”
2:30 pm Gregory J. Zynda, Shweta Gopaulakrishnan, John Fonner, “RollingGantryCrane: Automation for unpacking containers into HPC environments”
3:00 pm SC21 scheduled Afternoon Coffee Break
3:30 pm Greg Kurtzer – Invited Speaker: “The Next Generation of High Performance Computing: HPC-2.0“
Description: We’ve been using the same base architecture for building HPC systems for almost 30 years and while the capabilities of our systems have increased considerably, we still use the same flat and monolithic architecture of the 1990’s to build our systems. What would the next generation architecture look like? How do we leverage containers to do computing of complex workflows while orchestrating not only jobs, but data? How do we bridge HPC into the 2020’s and make optimal use of multi-clusters and federate these systems into a larger resource to unite onprem, multi-prem, cloud, and multi-cloud? How do we integrate with these resources in a cloud-native compatible manner supporting CI/CD, DevOps, DevSecOps, compute portals, GUIs, and even mobile? This isn’t a bunch of shoelace and duct-tape on top of legacy HPC, this is an entirely new way to think about HPC infrastructure. This is a glimpse into HPC-2.0, coming later in Q1 of 2022.
4:30 pm Container Security Panel – Moderated by Canon & Younge
Tim Pletcher – HPE
Reid Priedhorsky – LANL
Cory Snavely – LBNL/NERSC
Dan Walsh – Red Hat
5: 30 pm Closing Remarks

Proceedings from CANOPIE-HPC SC21