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CANOPIE-HPC 2022 Workshop Program

Sunday, November 14th, 2022 8:30am – 5:00pm CST

Note all times list CENTRAL TIME (UTC–6)


We plan to have a combination of Invited Speakers, Research Paper Presentations and Panel sessions.

Start Duration Title Speaker
08:30 5min Workshop / Speaker Introduction Session Shares (Shane/Andrew)
45min Keynote: Kubernetes at CERN Richardo Rocha (CERN)
09:15 30min Paper Session #1
Paper1: Multiscale scientific workflows on high-performance hybrid cloud
09:45 15min Lighting Talks #1
Containerized MPI and GUI Applications on HPC in the Cloud with Workload Manager
A Case of Multi-Resource Fairness for Serverless Workflows
10:00AM 30min Coffee Break
10:30AM 90min Paper Session #2
Paper3: Complete Provenance for Application Experiments with Containers and Hardware Interface Metadata
Paper4: Scaling Podman on Perlmutter
Paper5: A separated model for running rootless, unprivileged PMIx-enabled HPC applications in Kubernetes
12:00PM 90min Lunch Break
1:30PM 45min Keynote: Bioinformatic workflows Paolo Di Tommaso
2:15PM 45min Paper Session #3
Paper6: Libfabric-based Injection Solutions for Portable Containerized MPI Applications
3:00PM 30min Coffee Break
3:30AM 30min Paper Session #4
Paper6: K8s
4:00PM 30min Lighing talks
MetaHub - A Smart Registry for HPC
Apptainer Without Setuid
4:30PM 30min Concluding Panel / Q&A
5:00PM End