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CANOPIE-HPC 2023 Workshop Program

Monday, November 13th, 2023 9am-12:30pm MST

** Note all times list MOUNTAIN TIME (UTC–7) **


Start Duration Title Speaker Type Files
09:00 Start
09:00 10min CANOPIE-HPC - Introduction and welcome Madonna, Stephey, Canon, Younge slides
09:10 25min Survey of adaptive containerization architectures for HPC Mujkanovic, Durillo, Hammer, Müller Paper paper - slides
09:35 5min HPC Container Conformance Kniep Lightning slides
09:40 5min Kubeflow as-a-service on HPC clusters – first experiences Shaikh, Hussain, Elmas, Feki Lightning slides
09:45 5min Preemptive Scheduling of Stateful GPU Intensive HPC Applications in Kubernetes Stoyanov, Reber, Armour Lightning slides
09:50 5min Enabling Performance for NGC Containers on the Slingshot 11 Interconnect Madonna Lightning slides
09:55 5 min Lightweight Isolation for HPC applications Chadha Lightning slides
10:00 30min Coffee Break
10:30 25min Charliecloud’s layer-free, Git-based container build cache Priedhorsky, Ogas, Davis IV, Hounshel, Lee, Stormer, Goff Paper paper - slides
10:55 5min New root emulation mode for Charliecloud using seccomp Phinney Lightning slides
11:00 5min eBPF-based Performance Fingerprint of containerized HPC applications Hoeb Lightning slides
11:05 25min Understanding Energy Performance of Containers Deployment on HPC-Based post-Moore Platforms Rojas, Barrios Hernandez, Steffenel Paper paper - slides
11:30 25min Perspectives and Experiences Supporting Containers for Research Computing at the Texas Advanced Computing Center Ferlanti, Allen, Lima, Wang, Fonner Paper paper - slides
11:55 5min Early Experiences with Charliecloud for HPC Lawrence Lightning slides
12:00 5min Computing-as-a-Service Infrastructure for Accelerating Digital Engineering Ho, Pedretti Lightning slides
12:05 5min The Story of Spin: Five Years Supporting Science with Container-Based Services at NERSC Lasiewski, Snavely Lightning slides
12:10 20min CANOPIE-HPC Community Discussion/Open Q&A Madonna, Stephey
12:30 End

Proceedings from CANOPIE-HPC SC23 (as part of the complete SC23 Workshop proceedings)